Spring is Coming!

March 16, 2012

February is past, and although spring isn’t officially here, the signs are everywhere.  The trees are throwing out pollen by the bucket load, and many spring flowers are in bloom.  We’ve had daffodils for weeks , and the forsythia is also blooming.  (That’s buttercups and yellow bells to many people, particularly here in the south.)

The Farmer and I went for a walk in the woods last weekend, and could see a lot of trillium up and in bud.  I only saw one Trout Lily in bloom, but the woods will be carpeted with them shortly.

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More Rain, More Floods

March 9, 2011

We’ve had a lot of rain lately, and it rained pretty much all last night and on into the morning.  Anytime we get very much rain, it means the creek bordering one side of our property is going to flood.  Fortunately, it floods the road AFTER you get past our driveway!

picture of pond and flooded rural road

Flooding makes it hard to get to the dead end part of the road!

The water had receded somewhat by the time Toby and I went out to the mailbox, so this isn’t as bad as it got.  Otherwise we might not have gotten cheeky enough to walk through the flood waters to get to the bridge.

picture of farm collie dog standing on flooded road

"Hey, you coming or what?"

I figured if Toby could make it, so could I, and off we went.  I stopped mid-way and took a picture of the water going off the edge of the road. . .

picture of water running off road

Enough froth for a latte!

 And here’s the same section of the road, and more, taken from off to the side.

picture of creek waters over road

Creek is definitely out of bounds!

The cat-who-thinks-he’s-a-dog was still enough of a cat that he declined to join the party and frolic in the water.

picture of white cat

"Are you guys totally CRAZY???"

We took our crazy selves and walked towards the top of the bridge.   I took this picture right before we got there.  It’s the side of the creek flowing to and under the bridge.

picture of flooded creek and culverts

Two Culverts & A Flooded Creek

There are actually TWO culverts, but you can’t see the one closest to the front of the picture.  It’s completely submerged in the flood waters. 

The water really rushes out of the submerged culvert!

After we got our exercise walking around in the flood waters, we headed back home.  I noticed we have a new little reflecting pond in the back of the The Farmer’s pick-up truck:

picture of water in bed of pickup truck

Now all we need are some koi in there. . .

And that’s the way it is, on another rainy day of the monsoon season in the south.

Friday’s Farm Fotos

March 4, 2011

I’ve been pretty busy lately with a writing project, so haven’t posted much here.  I thought this would be a good time to do a photo round-up of pictures from around the farm this week.

Monday we had a thunderstorm with heavy rain and a tornado watch.  I watched but I didn’t see anything, thankfully.  Just lots of rain that came down in a hurry and made puddles and streams in the backyard…

picture of back yard with heavy rain

Rain and puddles and streams, oh my!

We did have some pretty strong winds, even if there was no tornado in evidence.  You can see how the birdfeeder is swinging in the wind in this picture. . .

picture of birdfeeder in wind

That's one swinging feeder!

Once it stopped raining, Toby and I walked down the road towards the creek.  He decided it would be fun to wade through the floodwater running over the road.

picture of dog walking on flooded road

Guess a little water never hurt anybody.

The next day it was bright and sunny and showing signs of spring all over the place.  The miniature daffodils are blooming around the big oak tree in the front yard.

picture of yellow flowers

A nice splash of color instead of rain!

I noticed the wildflowers are making an appearance also, like this dandelion and violet.

picture of dandelion and violet

Purple & Gold!

Those colors would have been good when I was going to high school, since our school colors were purple and gold!

I especially enjoy the quince bush blooms.

picture of quince bloom

An early bloomer.

I can remember the quince bush that grew by our steps going down the hill where I grew up.  This is part of that bush.

And last, we have a stark reminder of what happens when The Farmer decides to trim things:

picture of bare crepe myrtle

Crepe Myrtle Stubs

He decided instead of having crepe myrtle trees they could be tall bushes.  Guess we’ll see how they react to such drastic pruning!

And that’s the way it is around the farm.  Have a great weekend!

Dueling Dogs

February 22, 2011

Our neighbor across the street has a dog named Gracie.  She’s a bitch.

Hey!  You know female dogs are called bitches!

But I’ll have to admit, our dogs probably think of her in the more derogatory sense of the word.

She has claimed not only her yard as her territory, but the neighbors yard next to her, and our front yard across the road from her yard.  This can be a good thing, because she chases away the pack of dogs from the neighbors at the end of the road. 

However, she also sometimes gets on the other side of some of the fence around our pastures and bugs our dogs.  I imagine the conversation goes something like this:

Gracie: “Ha, ha, you’re stuck behind the fence and I’m running free.”
Our dogs: “Just let us get hold of you… ”

Toby isn’t always behind a fence though.  He goes out to the mailbox with me and then Gracie tries to assert her authority.  Mostly he ignores her.

But sometimes he just has to show her what he thinks of her. . .

picture of two dogs

Let me find just the right place here...

Yep, he’s looking for a place to mark his territory.  I believe it’s his way of saying. . .

“Here’s what I think of you …”
And he probably adds that other word too.