Paul’s Himalayan Musk Rambler Rose

May 21, 2009

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the rambling rose I planted a few years back.  It’s blooming now, and looks pretty neat.  (At least I think it does, but I admittedly could be a bit biased.)

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler Rose

 Here’s a closeup of the roses against the tree trunk. 

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler Closeup

 And here’s a few of them that are waaaaaaaaay up in the tree! 

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler in treetop.

Every year it rambles a little further up the tree.  Guess that’s why they call it a rambler rose!

Sneaky Llama

April 22, 2009

It’s always been a problem keeping the goats away from young vegetation.  They love to munch up on my honeysuckle vines –

Alabama Crimson Tide Honeysuckle
Alabama Crimson Tide Honeysuckle

… and about any other young growth, even on trees.  I can’t tell you how many trees they stripped of leaves, and worse, girdled the bark and made the tree die.  It’s very, very BAD for goats to get into the orchard!

One of their other favorite treats are the leaves on my rose bushes.  You’d think the thorns might be a bit of a deterrent, but you’d be wrong.

This I expect.  What I did NOT expect was to look out one day and see our male llama, Samson, had snuck into the back yard and was munching up on my newly leafed-out rosebushes!

Llama Samson eating leaves off rosebush.

He seemed to think they were quite tasty.

Llama eating rose leaves.

He liked them so much, in fact, that in order to get to them, he squirmed through what is a rather small opening for him, considering his size.

Opening for gate.

I thought perhaps it was a one time thing, but now every morning when I let them out of their night pens, he makes a beeline for the rose garden.  To prevent total defoliation, I’ve had to start shutting the gate to keep him out.

LLama by rosebed.
You got a problem?

As a matter of fact, yes, I’ve got a problem. I like my rose bushes with leaves on them, thank you very much!