Just Hangin’ Around!

November 11, 2010

Yesterday evening I went out to do chores. Well, sometimes you see the darndest things around here. See, there’s a woven wire fence separating the “people” backyard from the “animal’s” backyard. The fence is just a few feet from the back of the house really.

So it was impossible to miss this:

picture of chicken in fence

Just hanging around. . .

Yes, there was one of the young white roosters hanging in the woven wire fence!

As for how it got there?  My best guess is something (cough, cough.. Toby.. cough, cough) startled it, and it took off to fly over the fence and didn’t quite make it.

picture of white rooster chicken

Trying to get a leg up?

As soon as I saw it I went back inside and got two things:

  1. Gloves, because I figured he might get a tad excited and I didn’t want spurred, scratched and damaged trying to effect a rescue, and
  2. My camera… come on, it just took a few seconds to take the pictures, and who would believe it otherwise?

So there you have it, another wacky moment on the farm.

Rain, Sunshine, and Llama Alopecia

September 28, 2010

After a couple days of rain. . .

photo of frog

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head. . .

… this morning we woke up to fog which burned off to reveal a sparkling fall day.  The weather is cooler, the sun is shining brightly… it’s my kind of day!

One of the roosters stood on his favorite gate and flapped his wings a bit. . .

picture of rooster

A little warm-up exercise

Then did a little crowing to greet the day. . .

picture of rooster crowing

Good morning to you!

He was not impressed with my presence.

photo of rooster

"What 'cha looking at?"

The sheep were out in the main pasture enjoying the sunshine.

photo of sheep

And our little goat went out to join them.

photo of red doe goat

Our llama, Keira, also went out to join the party and graze in the sunshine.

photo of 2 sheep and 1 llama

Enjoying the sunshine on a cool fall morning.

And how about a closer look at my poor llama girl. . .

photo of llama

A bald spot here, a bald spot there...

Yes, my poor sweet llama is losing her hair.  I’d totally freak out if I hadn’t seen this before.  The sheep in front of her had a rough pregnancy once, and I wasn’t sure she was going to make it.  Lots of TLC and meds, and she pulled through… but she lost all her wool.  She was a pink-toned sheep with a little white fuzz.  Trust me, they look a lot different when they’ve lost their wool as opposed to being sheared.

So here it is, getting cooler and my poor llama is losing her hair.  We may have to get her a blanket so she’ll stay warm this winter!

Rooster and Rabbit

August 9, 2010

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’ve got a fondness for alliteration.  So when I get a picture of a rooster and a rabbit, that’s pretty cool.  Although I couldn’t come up with a title that ALL the words started with “R”….

Anyway, here’s the picture!

rabbit and rooster

Big Rooster, Little Rabbit

We’ve got a plethora of rabbits running around here.  Toby likes to chase them, but I don’t think he’d know what to do with one if he ever caught it.

Of course, we also have a plethora of roosters.  Once the chicks get big enough to figure out which are roosters, it’ll be time to gather them all up and get rid of them one way or another.

“An embarrassment of riches” indeed.
Rabbits and roosters.  You CAN have too many.