The Trouble With Goats

May 27, 2010

I like goats. I really do. But the trouble with goats is they don’t want to stay where you put them. They are soooooo curious, and not only want to see what they can get into, they want to see what ELSE they can get into!


This little stinker may be geriatric, but that doesn’t keep her from getting into trouble.  Like this morning, when I walked by the rose garden.  There is a sedum plant there that was growing nicely. 

This used to be taller. . .

WAS being the operative word.  Because I happened to notice *someone* ate the tops off the plant.  You know, where the FLOWERS would have grown???  

Look closer. . .

plant with tops eaten off

See those bitten off stems???   Bet you don’t have to guess who the someone was that did that!

Sigh. . . . guess it’s time to reinforce the gate.

Scruffy Goat

April 14, 2010

Spring is definitely here, and summer fast approaching.  In fact, our high temperatures for the days are in the mid-80s this week.

That means all the critters are losing their winter fluff.

Our little goat doe is a cashmere cross.  Funny thing though, it’s only been the last couple of years she’s really had a lot of the cashmere.  Maybe it’s because she was always pregnant for twins during the previous winters, and there weren’t enough nutrients left over to grow a lot of wooly cashmere!

For whatever reason, she has a good bit now, and it’s all shedding out. . .

Goat shedding cashmere.

Our scruffy little goat.

She looks a little ragged.  If I were a spinner, I’d be out there combing out that nice cashmere.  But I’ve done it in the past and paid with 2 or 3 days of higher pain levels.

So she just stays scruffy until it all combs out on its own, or she rubs against the fence to pull it out.

Changing Weather

March 1, 2010

Yesterday was nice and sunny. The critters enjoyed the bright sunshine and warmth. The llamas, goat, and dogs stretched out on piles of hay while the chickens scratched around in other piles looking for seeds.

Maremma sheepdog and goat enjoying sunshine.

Ahhhh, this is the good life.

The llamas are getting absolutely decadent about having breakfast (or whatever meal) in bed.

Male llama, reddish brown color.

Oh yeah, this is the life all right!

Cinnamon, our little doe goat, stretched out in her pile of hay to enjoy a nap after she was full.

Goat enjoying sunshine.

"Yeah, these post-prandial naps are just the thing!"

Keira evidently agreed with Cinnamon, because she decided to stretch out in the hay and enjoy the sunshine, too.

Female llama stretched out and enjoying the sunshine.

"Hay in your tummy and under your tummy... life is good!"

The wild birds, on the other hand, were a little more active and flying back and forth to the feeders.

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) and Tufted Titmouse (Parus bicolor)

Seed seekers in the sunshine.

Meanwhile, a Red-bellied Woodpecker peeked through some tree limbs to see if the way was clear to the suet feeder.

Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus) head.

"Can I get to the suet feeder without being seen?"

 But today is a different story, weather-wise.  It’s gray and gloomy again.  And if the weather predictions are correct, another winter storm is moving in.

I took advantage of the warmer weather this morning to refill all the heated water buckets, and pools of water.  If I’m lucky, it will get warm enough to use the hoses again before everything needs topped off once more.

Well golly, here it is March 1st, and I’m still looking for spring!

Llama Bird Feeder Diner

January 22, 2010

So what in the world is a Llama Bird Feeder Diner?

Well, this week I looked out in the backyard and saw this:

Llama Bird Feeder Diner

Llama Bird Feeder Diner

Our male llama had discovered there were tasty treats in the bird feeder!

The other animals decided snacking from the bird feeder was a most excellent idea, so they wanted to get in on it.

Samson, our male llama, eating from the bird feeder.

The chickens got to enjoy some tasty treats because as Samson was eating from the bird feeder, he spilled some of the sunflower seeds and cracked corn onto the ground.

Our little goat, Cinnamon, and female llama, Keira, weren’t so lucky.

Llama pushing goat away from bird feeder.

Samson shoved the little goat away from the feeder, and wouldn’t allow Keira to come near.

Keira hovered in the background, but Samson wasn’t sharing.  The guineas got in on the action, and in the background made more actions of their own by chasing each other around and spooking Keira.


Llama Samson and the chickens and guinea fowl were all enjoying this extra treat.  Keira was all forlorn because Samson wouldn’t share.

Yummy, and it's all mine! None for you!

It's all MINE!!! You can't have any!

I finally had to go outside and chase them away from the feeder and out of the back yard.  I put a bungee cord across the opening of the gate to keep them out.  Most days it allows farm collie Toby and the chickens to go under the bungee cord and through the gate, but the llamas stay out.

Not this time.

I looked out later and saw Keira standing by the gate, looking wistfully at the bird feeder.  I grabbed my camera, but before I could get it ready, she slipped UNDER the bungee cords!

Llama Keira in the back yard.

Of course, there was no doubt if Keira made it, her partner in crime Cinnamon wouldn’t be far behind.

Keira and Cinnamon in the back yard.

That didn’t mean she was going to get a share of the snacks however!  Kiera wasn’t in the sharing mood either, and threatened to spit at our poor little goat when she tried to get near.

You will note that Keira one-upped Samson by learning to swing the feeder to shake more food down and out of the holes!

I let her enjoy her taboo treat for a while, then went outside where she could see me.   That’s when she knew she was BUSTED!

Busted!  I'm in big trouble now!

Uh-oh, busted! I'm in big trouble now!

Yes, the criminal was charged with Breaking and Entering, and stealing sustenance from the birds!

<LLAMA Mug Shot


She has been remanded to my custody.

And though it confuses the chickens no end to have one of their routine pathways closed. . .

Chicken trying to figure out how to get through gate.

Chicken trying to get through gate.

. . . The gate has been slammed shut against further llama misadventures!

It’s Christmas Day!

December 25, 2009

Everyone at the farm here wishes you a Merry Christmas!  All the people, all the pets, all the farm animals, and most especially, the cat . . .

Merry Christmas from the cat, Spot.

Merry Christmas Critters

Llama Samson says "Merry Christmas Dudes!"

Merry Christmas Peacock!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.