New Garden Bed

March 29, 2010

A while back I mentioned in passing to The Farmer that I’d like to plant a few tomatoes and peppers this year.  Notice I said a FEW.

Well, he finally got his now repaired tiller back, and a pretty spring day, so Saturday he was out tilling up a new garden bed.  Yeah, there had been a garden there in times past, but it was so overgrown with grass it might as well have been the first time to till it.

You can see what I mean in this picture when you look at the parts that are NOT tilled!

Tilling up a new garden bed

Turning a grassy area into a garden bed.

Almost as soon as he quit tilling, the guinea fowl and chickens moved in to scratch around in the fresh dirt and look for bugs and worms.

It was a windy day, so there’s a lot of noise on the video. . .

The guineas thought it was neat to lay around and take dust baths while pecking in the dirt for bugs.

Guinea fowl in garden area.

Guineas in the Garden

The hens and roosters enjoyed scratching around in the dirt seeing what tasty morsels they could find.

Hens and Roosters in the garden.

"See anything tasty?"

The Farmer took a rest from his labors, and of course Toby the Farm Collie took advantage of that to see if he could get some extra pets.

The Farmer petting his dog.

"Pet me please!"

I’m thinking he needs to rest after tilling up such a huge space for a FEW tomato and pepper plants!


January 1, 2008

Here we are, all set to start a new year. And every year, I think I’m going to do better, and get more done, and have BIG plans for what I’m going to accomplish. And every year, most of the things I accomplish don’t seem to match what I’d planned to accomplish. Maybe this year will be different? (I know, take off those rose-colored glasses!)

So what’s on the agenda for 2008?

#1) Get rid of all the wool from past shearings sitting in my basement.

#2) Update our farm website. Our critter population has changed dramatically.

#3) Rejuvenate my flock of laying hens. Time to order some new chicks this spring! My hens are getting elderly – I didn’t even know that chickens lost coloration in their feathers like we do in our hair.

#4) Order some meat breed chicks also, and fill our freezer with some “I know what’s in ‘em” chicken. My biggest hang-up is finding someone to do the processing. I can’t handle all the feather plucking and cleaning out and stuff like I did when younger and healthier.

#4) Find someone who raises beef without hormones, and put some no-dye-or-anything-else-in-it beef in our freezer.

#5) More, higher raised beds in the garden. Even just one that was tall enough I don’t have to bend over to work would be great. It would make growing veggies so much easier for me.

#6) Finish refinishing the house, specifically, the hall bathroom and my office. Those are the major projects, but there’s a bunch of little stuff that needs done, too.

#7) And the most major project, clear out all the extras in the house, from merging 3 households of packrats. It’s time to clear things out, but it takes a lot of time and effort, and is difficult when you have lots to do, and not enough hours during the day you can work!

I know doing all this will be difficult in one year, but it’s good to have goals to shoot for!