February 13, 2008

It’s snowing here for only the second time this year. Now everyone north of the Mason-Dixon line, don’t be laughing about how excited people in the south get over such a little dab of snow!

When I went out to do chores this morning, the first thing I saw was Toby cavorting around with snow dusting his back.

picture of farm collie

A couple of the peahens were out and had even more snow on their backs.

picture of snowy peahens

After I finished taking care of the critters, I walked down into the woods. There was snow dusting all the leaves on the ground, and some sticking to the trees. I took a picture of the slue on one side on our property.

pic of slough

I  didn’t see any owls or deer today. They probably had the good sense to stay tucked inside some sort of shelter.

My quince bush has frozen blossoms. Right now the iced blossoms look rather pretty, but I’m sure when it warms up they’ll all turn brown and die.

picture of quince bloom

 Back up near the house, the birds were busy at the feeders and birdbath. We always have several cardinals and woodpeckers dining at our buffet.

02-13-08 woodpecker

They take turns at the feeders, and sit on the fence posts patiently waiting their turn.

02-13-08 2-cardinals

You can see what blustery weather we’re having by the way the feathers of this lady Cardinal are all ruffled up. She even tucked one of her feet up in her feathers to stay warm.

02-13-08 lady-cardinal

We won’t get any accumulation worth mentioning from this morning’s snowfall, but it was still fun to see some snow for a change!

Of high water and a fallen tree…

February 7, 2008

Yesterday morning we awoke to the sound of flood waters. It had rained over an inch for the second day in a row, and the creek along side our property had flooded over its’ banks.

Sometime during the night it got up over the road, though by the time I went out and took pictures, it had already mostly went back down.

picture of water over country road

There was more water over the road between our place and the neighbors on past us. This is where the creek actually passes through a culvert under the road.

02-07-08 water-over-road

Then there’s the culvert. . .

Debris usually blocks some of the culvert and the swollen creek waters cannot pass through, so the creek overflows the banks. You can see and hear the water rushing and roaring as it comes out of the culvert.

This morning the creek has subsided a great deal. Here it is rushing over a fallen log.
Still, the water is running pretty fast, as you can see the way it is rushing over this limb dipping in the water.
image of limb in creek
I also noticed earlier this week, with the rain and strong winds we’ve been having, a tree has fallen along the edge of the woods by the bottom pasture.
02-07-08 tree
Fortunately, we didn’t get the tornadoes people in other partsof the state had, so we really didn’t have much else but a few branches down.
A creek running high with excess water beats drought conditions any day!


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