Squirrel Nest, Take Two

September 10, 2010

Once again, there is a squirrel building a nest in a tree a few feet from the dining room window.  I have no idea if this is the same squirrel that was doing it before, or a new one decided to move in.

At any rate, there is one hard at work, but it managed to stay hidden most of the time.  And they move FAST!  So I just got an occasional glimpse of the squirrel, but saw a whole lot of leaves fluttering around in the squirrel nest.

squirrel with twig in mouth

Building materials

The squirrel would run out to the end of a branch and bite off a twig near the end, then carry it back to the nest.

new squirrel nest

Making a new squirrel nest.

I’d have to give the squirrel an “A” for industry, because it sure is working hard carrying twigs and jumping around from place to place in that tree.

squirrel in tree

This is the way we build our nest, build our nest...

It will be interesting to see if it actually sticks around this time and uses the nest.

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