Soggy in the South

February 5, 2010

There sure seems to be a lot of rain lately.  Of course, I guess that’s better than the snow some places are getting.  But it’s awfully soggy around here.

Toby and I went for a walk to the mailbox, which means going by the pond.

Pond and flood waters over road.

Rain, pond and flood waters.

As usual when it rains for any length of time, the creek is backed up and overflowing across the road.

Water from backed up creek flowing over road.

Creek waters overflowing across road.

Also as usual, there is a big chunk of tree stuck in front of the openings of the culverts under the road.

Tree floating in front of culvert in flood water.

Tree stuck in front of culvert.

Of course our farm collie Toby doesn’t mind traipsing through a little flood waters!

Toby, our farmcollie, walking on flooded road.

Toby walking through flood waters.

In fact, he considers it such a leisurely stroll, he even stops to get a drink.

Our farm collie gets a drink from flood waters.

Ummm, flood water is a nice treat!

And since HE is walking through flood waters, well he figures the human should too.

Farm collie looking back.

"Well, are you coming???"

Okay, okay, what’s it matter if I get cold, wet feet!  I’m coming already!

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