Snowy In The South

February 8, 2010

So now instead of rain, we have snow.

It was coming down pretty heavy for a little while. Big fat flakes blowing in the the wind.

The cardinals don’t seem to mind. I can’t resist taking pictures of them because their bright red color looks so pretty against the falling snow.

Northern Cardinal bird (Cardinalis cardinalis)

As usual, Miss Nosy had to get her face up in the camera and see what it was.

Llama with snow on face.

Llama up close and snowy.

She was looking for a treat.  I’m afraid she and her buddy, Samson, are rather spoiled, are hoping I’ll give them a handful of sunflower seeds.

Llama and Shetland sheep ewes.

As you can see by looking in the background, the sheep and dogs don’t mind a little snow either.

Samson was out looking for a treat too, but he doesn’t get too close to Keira.

Male llama in snow storm

She’s kind of cranky and doesn’t want to share treats, so I have stretch one arm waaaaaaaaay out towards Samson with a handful of sunflower seeds, so he can get some while she eats out of my other hand.  If she finishes first, she threatens to spit at him. 

Keira threatening to spit at Samson.

"I spit in thy general direction!"

Being a smart boy… he moves.

Samson in a snow storm.

"What did I do to deserve such treatment?"

I hadn’t planned on going for a walk today since I was sick all week-end and still feeling kind of puny.  But the snow was rather enticing, and Toby walked to the gate no less than 3 times, and looked back at me with those puppy dog “plllllleeeeaaassseeee” eyes.  So we went.

The creek is always a big attraction.

Creek and tree in a snow storm.



There is leftover rain water mixed with snow.

Snow, water and tree roots.

On the way back to the house, the peacock showed me his snowy feathers.

Peacock feathers with snow on them.

Snowy peacock feathers.

Some of the chickens and roosters were congregating under the window sill in hopes of getting a few sunflower seeds any wild birds might knock down.

Chickens in snow.

Looking for a hand-out (fall-down?)

Of course, I think the wild birds aren’t really looking to share.

Wild birds eating sunflower seeds.

"Yum, seeds just for us!"

Just as we were ready to go on the back porch, there was a Buff Orpinton hen in the rose bed.

Buff Orpington chicken

There is usually a bunch of the old lady Buff Orpingtons there.  I think they like to snuggle up against the house on winter days for a little extra warmth.

Our little snowstorm didn’t amount to much, but it was pretty while it lasted!

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