Pecans Past

March 19, 2009

Shortly after we moved here, we planted a couple of pecan trees in our orchard.  One was a Western Schley variety, and the other was a Colby pecan.

The goats got in the orchard a few times and girdled a few of the young trees. One of the pecans bit the dust due to those goatly depredations. The other one continued to grow, and a couple of years ago had a few pecans on it for the first time. The Farmer still has one of those pecans tucked away somewhere among his treasures.

However, one lonesome pecan tree isn’t going to produce as many pecans as The Farmer would like.  And we kept hearing reports of bumper pecan crops around here this year, so The Farmer was miffed because all he had on his tree were some dried up old leaves.

Pecan Tree

Or so he thought. 

One day after his new knees were working nicely, he decided to go up to the orchard and have a closer look.

Top of Pecan Tree

Surprise, surprise! His tree had lots of pecans too!  What he thought from a distance were old leaves turned out to be pecans when he got up close.

Of course, he just had to harvest all those wonderful pecans, but the question was how to get them off the tree.

He could stand on the ground and knock the pecans off the lower branches, but the ones at the top of the tree were a little hard to reach.  Determined to reach his prizes, however, The Farmer used those new knees to climb up on the pallets around the tree and brace himself on the tree so he could whack at them with his walking stick.

The Farmer in a pecan tree.

This went on for some time and  he got lots of pecans knocked down onto the ground.  I will let you in on a little secret though . . . if you want to harvest nuts that have fallen to the ground, it’s really better if you keep the grasses mowed down around the tree.  It’s VERY difficult to see nuts nestled down in tufts of grass among tall weeds.

Especially when they sailed through the air like this . . .

Pecans Fly Off Tree

And all too many of them did exactly that.  Those airborne torpedos sailed waaayyyyyy out there!  We searched in the grasses around the tree, going around and around and around and, well, finally gave it up.

We gathered up quite a few pecans, but I’m sure some were lost… well, like a ball in tall weeds.  Or maybe a needle in a haystack.  Whatever cliche you want to use, those pecans aren’t going to be found any time soon.

But at least The Farmer knows his pecan tree didn’t let him down.

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