Peacock, Peahen, Peachicks!

August 12, 2010

I went out to do chores a while ago, and there were the usual 2 peacocks, 4 peahens… one of which is still sitting on a nest.  When I got closer to her, I saw an eye staring back at me where eyes shouldn’t be.

Can you see it?

baby peacock

Look closely at her left side....

 Still too hard to see?  Well, let’s look a little closer. . .

baby peacock

The arrow points out the peeping eyeball!

 And an even closer look….

baby peacock

"I'm watching you!"

The little peachick got restless and moved forward where he (she?) could look at me in safety from right beside mama’s front. . .

baby peacock

I can see clearly now, the feathers gone!

Mama peahen wasn’t thrilled with me being there and humming and agitated.  Finally she got up off the nest for a minute.

baby peacocks

And now there are TWO!

Oh ho!  Not only was there one peachick active enough to be peeking around at me, there was another newly hatched!  I threw the feed in the bowl and beat a quick retreat so she’d go back on the nest.

That brings the peachick total up to 6 this year… 4 in the bird cage on the back porch, and two under the last sitting peahen.  Cool!

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