Creating A Vegetable Garden

May 12, 2010

The Farmer spent Saturday creating a vegetable garden. First we went to one of the better local nurseries and got some plants. Deciding he wanted a variety of tomato and peppers, The Farmer ended up with two flats of vegetables and a few pots.

After we got back home, he went out to dig up some aged manure to throw on the garden, and to lay-out the rows in his garden.

Notice I said HIS garden. I’m just the helper this year.

Once he was ready, I went out and helped put in the plants. I thought they looked a little close together as we were putting them in. I said, “Didn’t we talk about putting the plants further apart this year?”

Well, his idea of further apart was a little wider than the tiller could get through. Just one teeny-tiny problem that’s going to grow into a BIG problem. . . he measured it at 30 inches. So the holes for the plants were 2 1/2 feet apart in the rows, and the rows are also 2 1/2 feet apart.

If you’re a veteran gardener, you’re probably rolling your eyes about now.  Cause yeah, you’re right.  He didn’t take into account how big the plants are going to be when they are GROWN.

So here we have this great big garden tilled up, and all the plants are squeezed together at one end. . .

The Farmer watering his new vegetable garden.

I suggested changing the spacing, but The Farmer didn’t want to redo all his work laying-out the garden.

So 30″ apart it is.

We now have these varieties of tomato plants in our garden:

  • 1 Lemon Boy
  • 1 Cherokee Purple
  • 3 Mountain Pride
  • 3 Rutgers
  • 6 Early Girl
  • 6 Roma
  • 6 Park’s Whopper
  • 6 Burpee Big Boy
  • 6 Better Boy
  • 6 Celebrity
  • 9 Atkinson
  • 9 Brandywine

That makes 62 tomato plants. And of course, we also have 13 pepper plants:

  • 1 Gypsy
  • 3 Golden Summer
  • 3 Sweet Banana
  • 6 California Wonder

That makes a total of 75 plants in our garden.  For 3 people.  And in case you’re wondering, I hadn’t planned on canning this year.

Our 75 tomato and pepper plants

I asked The Farmer what he was going to do with the produce from so many plants, and he said, “Eat it!”  When I informed him no way we could eat all that, then he decided we’d give away the extra. 

I hope the neighbors like tomatoes and peppers.

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