Chickens In The Bird Bath

July 28, 2010

Our birdbath seems to be the community spa.  Or perhaps it’s the equivalent of the local tavern.  At the very least, it’s the local watering hole. 

When I put it out in the yard, the idea was to give the wild birds a place to easily get a drink, especially in the winter.  And they do use it, but they sometimes have to wait their turn.  There might be a squirrel there, or the cat might be taking a sip.

cat in yard

"Ahhhh, the bouquet of bird-flavored wine... uh, water..."

Then of course, the wild birds larger and domesticated cousins frequent the bird bath too.

rooster and hen

Just another couple out for a drink at the local tavern.

Sometimes it’s couples day, and other times, it’s just a hen party.

chickens on birdbath

Just a couple of hens out for a drink.

I guess I disturbed their party, because the white hen left in a huff and a hurry.

chicken hens

"It's getting too crowded. I'm leaving!"

The other hen seemed unconcerned with my presence, but she didn’t want to be left alone either.

2 chicken hens

"Hey, where are you going???"

She finally decided she didn’t want to be left behind.

chicken jumping off bird bath

"Wait for me! I'm coming!"

Maybe now the wild birds can enjoy the birdbath in peace for a little while.

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