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Tomato Damage

August 24, 2009

The Farmer had a bowl of tomatoes setting on our dining room table.  He loves garden fresh tomatoes – just slices them and eats them right up.

Yesterday I walked by his nice bowl of tomatoes, and noticed there was a problem.

Bowl of Tomatoes

There were little bits of the tomatoes on the table top, and a couple of the tomatoes had gaping holes where something had eaten part of them.

Now you expect that to happen now and then when the tomatoes are still in the garden.  Turtles like to munch on tomatoes.  Rabbits might take a nibble.  But these tomatoes were in pristine condition when they were placed in the bowl inside the house, away from those critters outside.  So what happened?

This happened. . .

African Gray Parrot on table.

Yep, our parrot decided she likes tomatoes.

I’d went off to the office and forgot she was loose. When I walked back into the kitchen later, she was sitting on the back of the kitchen chair furthest away from the scene of the crime. I think she was trying to disassociate herself, like “I had NOTHING to do with it!”

The Farmer now calls her “that tomato-eating bird.”  He wasn’t pleased to find a couple of his tomatoes partially eaten, but I think even though he won’t admit it, he thinks it’s kind of funny.

I know I do.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

May 14, 2009

Seems like a lot of the critters around here like to hide. 

Our parrot loves to hide under the couch and behind the curtains.

Parrot peeping out from behind curtains.

If she can hurry into the kitchen and get in a cupboard before I close the door, that’s one of her favorite hiding places.

Parrot in Cupboard.

She gets in all kinds of hidey holes: under desks, in the pantry, in boxes… just any place she can find.

But many of the outside critters like to hide too.  For instance, can you guess what’s hiding in this can out in our feed room?

Can in feed room.

Did you guess a mouse?  Naw, come on now, that’s too obvious.  And it’s not a snake either, though it’s happened before and I’ve reached in and grabbed one by accident.  (Trust me, I wouldn’t grab it on purpose!)

Well, think about it while I show you some other animals in hiding.

Our cat likes to hide under shrubs or other flowering plants.  Here he is hiding in one of my flowerbeds under some hostas.

Spot under hostas.

Toby would like to know what the cat is doing in there.

Toby looking for the cat.

However, the cat is unconcerned with what Toby wants to know and ignores him.

Cat looking out from under hostas.

He continues to peer out from under the hostas totally oblivious to what the dog is doing.

Sometimes animals can hide in plain sight.  You know, blending in with the surroundings, a sort of camouflage kind of thing.  Just look at this picture:

Rabbit among the hens.

Maybe this rabbit figures if it grazes with the chickens, the dogs won’t notice it’s there and chase after it.  Frankly, the rabbits around here seem to think this a safe haven anyway, and don’t get too excited when we’re out walking around.

Of course, little chicks like to hide under the Mama Hen.

Chicks under hen.

You can only see one little derriere still sticking out, but there are 5 little chicks under the hen.  Here they are before Mama settled down so they could scoot under her.

Hen with 5 chicks.

My favorite hen, Peepers, has a little chick peeping out from under her too.

Peepers chick peeps out from under her.

She had 4 little chicks last year, but for some reason, only came out from under the shed (her nesting place) with one this year.

The adult hens like to hide under The Farmer’s utility trailer.

Hens under utility trailer.

 Toby occasionally likes to hide out under the back porch.  The goats hide behind the llamas at night.  There are even little Southeastern Five-Lined Skinks with their bright blue tails hiding in the crevices of the retaining walls around the rosebed.  Critters are hiding all over the place!

Oh, and as for what was hiding in the can. 

Rooster in can of corn.

Did you guess it was a rooster?  He jumped in there while I was getting feed, and managed to knock the lid back over top of him on his way in.  When I took the lid off, he was contentedly munching up on all the cracked corn.

You just never know what you might find hiding around here… so come out, come out, wherever you are!

Bird’s Eye View

May 12, 2009

Sometimes things get pretty fowl around here.

For instance, you can’t be here very long before you’d notice there is always some kind of fowl racket.  There are chickens clucking, bird song, peafowl screeching, and always, always, always, guineas making noise of some sort.

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Parrot Pranks

August 19, 2008

Parrots are entertaining and lovable. They have to be or you’d wring their necks when once again you discover something they chewed up they weren’t supposed to have. African Grays are amazingly destructive little terrors with that 5-year-old intelligence and 2-year old’s emotional level. It’s like having an extra smart tot around perpetually in the Terrible Two’s.

Take the other evening for instance, when I was busy working on my desktop computer in the office while The Farmer was watching a movie on tv. All of a sudden I heard him exclaim, “Where did you come from?”

When I went to investigate, it seems my parrot went walkabout and had walked from one side of the house to the other, crept across the floor of the den, then crawled up the side of his recliner without him ever knowing she was anywhere close.

The Farmer and The Parrot

The Farmer and The Parrot

I snapped this picture before I returned the parrot to her cage. She and the Farmer have an ongoing love-to-hate-ya relationship, so I felt it best to separate them.  (You notice he has his arm put down away from the bird!) 🙂

Then just yesterday, at the same time I was pulling my hair out over a messed up blog, I was bombing our basement. Got to take my frustrations out somehow, right?

Well, actually, we’ve had some trouble with little spiders in the Cave Geeks space. We tried glue traps and spraying, but that didn’t have much effect. I figured a bug bomb ought to do the trick, and would not only get rid of spiders, but any other creepy crawlies that found their way in. So when the guys left for work Monday morning, I got bombed. Oh wait, that’s not quite right…

Okay, so what I really did was set off the bug bomb in the basement. Now that space is right under the parrot’s cage, with a couple of vents nearby. Since birds are sensitive to air pollutants (think miner’s and their canaries), I figured I’d better move her outside for the duration.

I set her travel cage on a table on the back porch, carried her out there and locked her up.

There’s a dog door to the porch, and Toby the Wonder Dog comes and goes as he pleases. He decided to come up on the porch and investigate. The parrot took exception to this.

Just in case you didn’t realize it, that is NOT the dog growling in the first half of that video. That is the PARROT growling at the dog, then saying, “What?” a couple of times.

How’s that for a turnaround? I’d never heard her do that, and have no idea where she learned it or how she knew to growl at the dog…

But it sure was funny!

A Peeling Parrot

February 25, 2008

Right now my parrot is barking. No, I’m not kidding. She hears Toby barking outside and starts mimicking him. She does a pretty good job of it, too.

A little while ago she was eating a grape. She’s funny about them. She’ll only eat one if she sees a person eating grapes and they give her one. I tried pretending to eat a grape and give her one and she wouldn’t take it. But just let Young Son walk by munching on a grape and she’s eager to pluck one out of his hand.

She has a system to eating them. She doesn’t like the juice to drip in her cage, so she either hangs out over the edge, or uses one of the papers on top as a plate. She rolls the grape around in her mouth until she gets the peel off, then eats the inside of the grape.

She does much the same with apples, carefully munching the fruit while leaving the peel behind.

What a crazy bird! I never know what she’ll do next.