Wheel Addicts

July 10, 2007
The Farmer here stopped on the way home from work and got some feed for the critters today. After we did evening chores, he got the dolly out of the shed to tote the 50 pound sacks from the car trunk to the feed room.

Toby went nuts.

What is it about dogs and wheels? Every dog we’ve ever had goes crazy when a vehicle goes down the road, the lawnmowers start rolling, you move a wheelbarrow… whatever! If it’s got wheels, they want to chase it.

“You can’t possibly be talking about ME…”
Little wheels, big wheels, one wheel or many, they just don’t care. If it goes round and round, they give chase. Toby bites at the wheels so much, sometimes it’s difficult to continue moving things, and we have to lock him up out of the way.

Dogs… they’re wheel addicts.

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