Cast Iron Rooster

June 30, 2006

Cast Iron Rooster

Cast Iron Rooster

Cast iron roosters are a great decoration on the farm, or anywhere people just like the looks of one. They are sturdy, and can be used as door stops. A flat cast iron rooster can be made into a weather vane.

It’s a nice country motif to use just about anywhere.

In Chinese decorative arts, pictured animals are representations for various aspects of life. The rooster is considered a symbol of reliability, epitome of fidelity and punctuality. Also, the rooster is a symbol of advancement.

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A red rooster is supposed to protect your house from fire.

A white rooster not only protects your house from fire, but will chase away demons.

A set of five roosters is supposed to remind parents to educate their sons (and hopefully daughters as well).

So paint those roosters the appropriate color to get a Chinese twist on your cast iron rooster!

Roosters Breeds

March 8, 2006

In the poultry world, there are all kinds of roosters breeds.  Check out some of the hatcheries, and you’ll find a wide range.  There are the heavy breeds, with breeds like White Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and Buff Orpingtons.
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Red Rooster

October 26, 2005

I like a red rooster. They brighten up the place, and look handsome strutting around in the yard.

This one has some buff-gold sort of coloring too.  It’s a mix of a Sicilian Buttercomb (note the comb) and Polish Silver Laced (note the tail feathers).
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Rooster Fruit Bowls for a Country Kitchen

November 11, 2004

Country Rooster Fruit Bowls & More

Redecorating your home may be a really great idea, especially your kitchen. Maybe you just need to refresh a room in your home or you just want to get something different because you are bored with the look of your home.

One great look for the kitchen is rooster decor!
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