Working Sheep Dog

September 9, 2006

A working sheep dog is a great help if you have a flock of sheep.  We have a Maremma sheepdog, and she is a jewel.  She stays with her charges and keeps watch over them.

Maremma sheepdog
She is especially protective when they have lambs.  I’ve seen her stand off a pack of 3 other dogs to keep them away from her sheep.

She’s not fond of human contact, however.  It’s one of her quirks that she doesn’t like to be handled.  She will permit me to do so when she needs a new flea collar or meds, or her coat needs attention.  But she doesn’t really seem to enjoy it, and certainly doesn’t come looking for a pet.

All that doesn’t matter.  What matters is she’s a good working sheep dog, and looks after them faithfully, night and day.

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Farm Collies

August 22, 2005

farm collies

Farm collies are a great breed.  They’ve been around for years, in one variation or another.  We have an American Working Farm Collie.

He is a cross between an American Farm Collie and an old line of working Border Collies.

Instead of being focused on only one job, these dogs are supposed to be more diverse and an all-around helper on the farm.

Obviously, each dog is different, and has different strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, there are all kinds of farm collies! On the website for the American Working Farm Collie, it states that it features:

  • English Shepherds,
  • old-fashioned working collies,
  • Australian Shepherds,
  • Shetland Sheepdogs and
  • other Farm collie breeds.

It can get a little confusing, because quite often English Shepherds are also called Farm Collies.

They are considered “America’s Heritage Farm Dog” that are “working dogs, valued for their versatility, loyalty, and intelligence.” (From English Shepherd website)

So when someone says they have a farm collie, it could be a mix of some breeds, or one particular breed like the English Shepherd.

Each breed and each dog will have things that it does better, and those that maybe it doesn’t do as well. Generally speaking, however, these dogs are up to helping with many tasks on a homestead.

The bottom line is a well trained farm collie can be a HUGE asset around the farm!

German Shepherd Working Dog

June 23, 2005

One of my best friends has a German Shepherd Working Dog when she was a kid.  I’d love to have one.  They have so many good qualities.  I even like to read stories about them.

german shepherd working dog

The German Shepherd Essential Info breed

As their name suggests, German Shepherds were bred as herding dogs. As such, they were bred to work closely with people and control large moving masses. Dog herds were bred for work and need work, if you do not provide them with it, they will find their own work to do. Also higher order thinking independent at times, these dogs can solve problems with chip.

From their origins as farmers, you can expect these dogs to chase moving objects such as bicycles and cars. They also have a tendency to cover the race children in the same way they PIN on the heels of livestock. This is called the movement stimulated by pinching.

German Shepherds are very intelligent and versatile. They can be trained to be police dogs, guide dogs, guide dogs, guard dogs and so on. They can make wonderful companions. Although very easy to train German shepherds need professional assistance to at least the first two years. They need constant training sessions and daily socialization. Intensive early socialization is needed to offset the problems of shyness and sensitivity noise that is common among all breeds of livestock. It should certainly not reward cowardice or aggression in this breed. Page GSD should be sterilized first.

german-shepherd-dogGerman Shepherds have been a very popular breed for many years has led to problems related to poor breeding and overbreeding. Widespread genetic and temperament problems has left the race overflowing Berger dogs suffering health and behavioral problems, excessive shyness and aggression. German Shepherds often become more attached to their owners which leads to separation anxiety, more protective and fear of new situations.

The average size of a German shepherd is between 22-26 inches and average weight ranges from 65-100 pounds. Some, of course, can get much more than that. Most shepherds are black and tan, but some may be solid black, white or gray. These dog breeds are double sided, such as delivery in profusion. When shedding occurs, usually in spring and autumn, German Shepherds should be brushed daily. Make lasts several weeks, during which the dogs will throw an amazing amount hair.

As already mentioned, these dogs need work and which results in lots of exercise. At least two sessions per day would a minimum requirement. daily training sessions would also strongly recommended.

Due to the high volume of livestock Over the years, the behavior of German shepherds around children and other pets can be quite unpredictable. Some dogs can be fantastic around children and pets and others can be the opposite. Some of these behaviors can be attributed to inherited traits, but Early socialization and training also play an important role.

German Shepherds are prone to a wide range of health problems. Here is short list: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, spinal degeneration, autoimmune disease, thyroid dysfunction, subaortic stenosis, skin disorders and gastrointestinal problems. poor temperament has become so common that the stability, confidence and calmness Shepherd is a very pleasant surprise.

At best, German shepherds are second to none for their support and dedication. They can be trained to do almost anything what. It’s a sad situation that these good specimens are hard to find with so many unhealthy and unstable dogs there.

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For more information on the german shepherd or a complete list of dog breeds visit this Dog Behaviour website.


Top Working Dogs

June 15, 2005

If you wonder what the top working dogs are, here’s an article talking about the top ten… what breeds they are, and what’s good and bad about them.

However, I’d have to say that I wouldn’t call these the top ten working dogs for a farm.  I think the list would be a little different then, because you’d want to include livestock guard dogs and herding dogs in the list.
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Working Australian Cattle Dog

May 14, 2005

A working Australian Cattle Dog is a high energy dog. VERY high energy. We had one for a short time that I got from a friend. However, we didn’t have proper fencing, and we had to send him back because he was roaming around into the neighbor’s yards and trying to play with the kids. But he was so full of energy, he knocked them down and sometimes scratched them.
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