Snake Surprise!

October 28, 2010

We are finally back from our vacation in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  Enjoyable trip, great family time!  but coming home was a different matter.  There were just a whole lot of things that went awry in our absence.  I spent yesterday, our first full day home again, trying to fix things.

And of course, after being away for a week, what do you come home with? Suitcases full of dirty laundry.  so I headed down to the basement to sort clothes and get the first load in the washing machine.

Now I keep several glueboards in the basement because there always seem to be spiders and cave crickets wandering in from somewhere.  Plus an occasional pill bug or centipede.  And glueboards are also great for catching dust bunnies.

picture of glue board

Bug cemetery

The board above is the closest one to the washing machine, and had the usual quota of beetles, cave crickets and spiders.  But then I took a gander at the one under some shelves at the far end of the basement. . .

picture of snake

THAT's not supposed to be there!

Whoa Nellie!  Snake surprise indeed!  Snakes are supposed to be OUTSIDE.  They are NOT supposed to be in the basement!!!

Well, I decided to get rid of the filled up glueboards and put down new ones.  I took them outside and took another picture of the snake.

picture of snake caught on glueboard

Wonder what kind of snake this is?

I don’t know if this little snake thought it could munch up on one of the bugs on the glueboard, and too late discovered it couldn’t move either.  But it ended up with its’ entire body caught.  Even the bottom jaw.

picture of snake

Even the jaw was caught in the glue.

Yep, this little snake got a surprise, ended up in a sticky situation, and that was THE END!

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