Mama Hen Protects Her Chicks

May 15, 2009

Hens with chicks are very protective.  I’ve seen them go after our sheep and even the dogs if they are getting too close to their chicks.

Well, remember how our silly little goat was trying to get our llama’s attention without success? When he got fed-up with her bugging him, he just kushed down and ignored her.

I guess she decided to see if she could get somebody’s, just ANYbody’s attention, and decided to get frisky with our Mama Hen and her chicks.

Mama Hen was NOT impressed. She got all huffy and let Cinnamon know she was NOT to get near her chicks.

And did you see that look she turned around and gave Cinnamon right before going around the corner of the building?  I’m not sure if that was a “Back off!” or maybe she was thinking, “What an idiot!”

Whatever that backward look meant, it’s clear she didn’t want that silly goat messing about with her babies!

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