Toby The Tough

February 2, 2010

Toby is one tough dog.  He makes a pretty good guard dog, big and stocky and weighing in at over 80 pounds.  Usually he’s pretty easy going, but this is deceptive.  Just threaten his mama and see what happens!

A couple of years ago we had one of those rotten roosters that likes to spur you.  Or more precisely, he liked to spur ME.  He was smart enough to steer clear of The Farmer, who probably would have wrung his neck after a time or two.

But me, oh yeah, I was fair game.  I mean, this monster would actually hide around the corner of a building, so when the unsuspecting person (me) walked around the corner, he’d jump out and nab me.

One day Toby saw him do it, and this is the result:

Dog and rooster fighting.

Rooster and Dog Fight!

See, you don’t mess with mama or you answer to Toby.

So I’ve always wondered what he would do if I walked in the house and a burglar or someone was there.  Well, last week, I sort of got my answer.  No, there wasn’t a burglar, but…

It’s like this.  I’d finished evening chores, and just fed Toby and ready to go in the back door.  Unbeknownst to me, The Cave Geek was getting ready to run the vacuum in the den and heard me come up on the back porch.

What is it with sons thinking it’s positively hysterical to scare their mother out of her wits?  (No comments like “What wits?” allowed!)

I opened the door, and there was this over 6′ tall hulk looming over me shouting.  I think it was something innocuous like “Hi Mom”, but that didn’t register until I’d already jumped out of my skin and screamed.

THAT bought Toby right into the fray.  Fortunately for the smart-aleck Geek person, Toby immediately recognized him and went “Oh, it’s you.  Wanna pet me?”

I was impressed. Toby was eating.  Toby is SERIOUS about his food.  Woe unto any other critter that comes close when he is eating!  Yet he came running when I screamed.

What a good dog.

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