Cast of Characters

And I do mean characters! 

Here’s a recent card with everyone’s pic:

Pictured top left to right: Baby (African Grey), The Cave Geek, The Farmer, Rural Writer, Keira the llama, and Neffie the Maremma Sheep Dog

Middle: Cinnamon the goat, and Toby the Farm Collie

Bottom: Spot the Cat, our 3 Shetland sheep retired ewes (Valrhona, Coconut & Papaya), and a bunch of chickens, guineas & peacocks!

More Info About . . .

Those Living in the house here on the farm:

The Farmer: Patriarch of the clan.  Retired from one long-time job as a construction estimator (roads, paving, subdivision streets sort of thing, NOT houses).  Went back to work as a consultant weekdays, while still farming on weekends.

Rural Writer: Keeper of the farm and home, writer and photo buff.  Has to work in short spurts due to chronic pain (thoracic neuralgia) and fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue.

Cave Geek: Youngest Son, presently living in the basement, and known computer nerd (thus Cave Geek).  Working at Domino’s Pizza, keeper of Wargamer Haven.

Baby: African Grey Parrot, female.  With the brains of a 5-year old and the emotions of a 2-year old, she keeps life interesting!  Loves to tell you “Bye-bye, see ya later” as you go out the door.

The Rest of The Farm Critters:

Cat – Spot: male. Trails around after the humans like a dog. Flops over frequently hoping for tummy rubs.

Chickens – A changing roster of roosters (Silver Laced Crested Polish and Silcian Buttercup mixes), plus several Buff Orpingtons hens, and lots of mixed breed hens.

Dog – Toby: American Farm Collie, male. Carrier of sticks, and pro at “marking” grass, shrubs and trees..

Goat – Cinnamon: Pygmy goat, doe. Retired from raising kids, but still thinks she’s Boss Mama.

Guineas Galore: The count varies, but we have lots of guinea fowl running around on the farm!

Llama – Keira: Llama, female.  Sweetness itself except when she’s pregnant. Nice black wool.

Peafowl: 1 peacocks (male) and 3 peahens (females).


  • Coconut: Shetland sheep, ewe. White fleece. Matriarch of our flock of retired sheep, aka “Miss Piggy” due to her insatiable appetite for grain and treats.
  • Papaya: Shetland Sheep, ewe. Black fleece. A little whacky. Okay, a whole lot whacky. Also poor sight due to medical problems from last  pregnancy.
  • Valrhona: Shetland Sheep, ewe. Musket (light brown) fleece. The only ewe we have with horns. Very photogenic.


  • Two Bourbon Red Turkeys, one tom and one hen
  • Three Wild Turkeys, two toms and one hen