Antique Farm Equipment At Falls Mill Museum

November 11, 2009

The Farmer loves looking at old farm equipment.  I think it reminds him of the good old days, back when he was a kid on a farm in Oklahoma.

Take all this antique farm equipment we saw at Falls Mill Water-Powered Grain Mill And Museum in Belvidere, Tennessee:

Old Farm Equipment

Old Farm Equipment

The Farmer informed me that one of these is an old horse-drawn riding cultivator, and that they used to have one on the farm where he grew up.  The piece of old farm equipment to the left of it is a two-row planter, and was also pulled by horses.

In the back of that first picture there’s an antique manure spreader.  Here it is from the business end:

Antique Manure Spreader

Antique Manure Spreader

I suppose I shouldn’t admit to this, but I remember having something like this on the farm when I was growing up!  Only by then, it was pulled by a tractor instead of horses.  My folks would take a load of cow manure out of the barnyard, pull this manure spreader and let the errr… manure… fly over the  pastures.  I’m sure it was great for fertilizing the fields, but it sure did stir up a stink for a while!  (Bet the neighbors loved it, don’t you?)

There was also an old Ford truck at Falls Mill Museum: 

Old Ford Truck

Old Ford Truck

This 1946 Ford truck was used for over 40 years to haul grain to the Little Red Mill in Winchester, Tennessee.  It was also used at Falls Mill.

The sign on the old Ford truck says they are hoping to restore it some day.

Me, I’d rather see the old horse drawn riding cultivator, say behind a Belgian or Clydesdale or Percheron horse.  Yeah, that’d be cool.  I just LOVE those big draft horses!


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